The work for our clients is strictly confidential. Duende Management Consulting will never disclose any information about specific project details, people or internal information to third parties unless the client specifically requests that we do so, or in case the results are published and made available by the client himself to the public (such as the study report "Optimizing Transit Traffic" for the German Ministry of Transportation).

We also refrain from advertising with client names (companies or executives) we have worked for. However, to provide our clients and potential clients with an opportunity to assess quality, performance, range of competencies, approach and "look&feel" of Duende Management Consulting, we are ready to provide you with names of executives we have worked for in the past who might be contacted and interviewed on your specific request.

Our list of reference projects includes work for large and mid-sized companies, several federal ministries and subordinate agencies in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the United Arab Emirates.