The Spanish word duende means a goblin-like ghost or spirit. "Tener duende" roughly means "having soul" and is usually used in the context of Flamenco. An excellent group of musicians, dancers and singers who effectively work and perform together manages to transfer the "soul" of the piece of art performed to the audience. The famous Spanish writer and artist Federico Garcia Lorca has developed this concept and idea in the 30ies of the last century ("Juego y teoria del duende").

Duende for us means transferring benefits to the client organization and generating value added in the area of expertise that the company has accumulated. We define consulting by bringing benefits to the maximum extent possible and in a sustainable fashion to the client beyond delivering glossy slides and compelling presentations. We start the project by carefully listening to the client organization, e.g. by face-to-face-interviews, cracking complex issues into more manageable subparts and by developing tailor made solutions. Whenever sufficient resources are available we intend to form integrated client/consultant teams that jointly act and carry out the necessary working tasks. We emphasize on balancing opposing positions and conflicting parties and therefore see also a need for effective facilitation in many assignments.

Success for Duende Management Consulting implies always specific, measurable improvements for the client organization. For very complex assignments we form partnerships with the best specialists in a specific industry, such as highly recognized scientists, top lawyers (e.g. for regulation projects) as well as distinct engineers. This approach ensures that our client benefits from the best team, specifically composed for the project.